Birgit Velte – Adviser for International Peace & Security

I am an independent adviser on international peace & security. My consultancy services include policy advise, analysis, strategy and concept development related to

  • the United Nations,
  • worldwide peace processes and operations,
  • crisis prevention and stabilization, and
  • civil-military and inter-agency coordination.

The international peace and security architecture provides a framework for the peaceful settlement of disputes and conflicts, based on universal norms and rules. Several global trends presently weaken this international system, such as the return of national interest as dominating factor in foreign policy and the resurge of power politics. If the international institutions and rules are to remain relevant, they must be consequently applied, defended and promoted – but most urgently the require thorough reform.

Most of the times, peace and conflict solution efforts comprise of a multitude of concurrent processes. Whether such interplay of different levels and actors leads to success, or, in the contrary, mutual interference and failure, depends on different issues: There are systemic and institutional factors, of course, but the outcome can also hinge on small operative details and personalities.

My work focuses on successfully understanding and managing these interlinkages and gateways between different dimensions, levels and organizations – in crisis prevention, peace processes, conflict solution and stabilization. I am Berlin-based, but work world-wide for German and international organizations.